Ivido offers unique front-end position

Who are we?

Ivido is a Dutch start-up with a grand vision of reforming the online health care system, starting in the Netherlands. Ivido gives people the control over their own health and vitality. We do this through a platform where the user maintains and creates his own medical data. This data can be exchanged with any medical institution, professional or social contact. However, Ivido doesn’t stop at facilitating the secure transfer of data. We co-create e-health programs with our partners enabling people to proactively improve their vitality and health based on their own data!

The organisation of Ivido is comprised of a small team of intrinsically motivated young people who fully believe in the future of Ivido.To complete our team we’re looking for some start-up hero’s with a passion as strong as our. 

What is our product?

In our opinion operating and collaborating in networks is key. Therefore we created a web-based platform with multiple entry points: de PGO (person health environment) for the users/patients, the ZNO (health network environment) for individual professionals and lastly the ZNOA (Admin environment) for the health network admin accounts where professional accounts can fall under.

Why would you work here?

The launch of the Ivido platform is imminent! Future users, patient groups, insurance companies and the government are focused on us, because we’re the pioneers of this new type of providing health care. Therefore it is crunch-time. The coming period we’re going to work extremely hard and prove ourselves. We’re expecting to be successful in this endeavor and to accelerate growth in our product, the team and our business very soon!

At Ivido the mentality is that who contributes to the success, will share in the results 

This will be attractive for someone that:

  • Enjoys personal growth and growth in responsibilities
  • Is a forever learner with an experimental attitude
  • Has a self-made mentality
  • Sees communication as the foundation for a properly functioning team
  • Likes to think about workflow optimization

We would like you to have:

  • The start-up mentality
  • Work Experience in web-development/design teams (we work with the agile/scrum methodology)
  • Knowledge of HTML, CCS/Sass, Javascript and Ajax
  • Familiarity with PHP 7
  • A punctual and professional work-style
  • An eye for evaluating your own work and that of others
  • Proper communication skills  
  • A workweek of 4-5 days, and frequently be present at our office in The Hague

What we offer:

  • A key role in a rapidly growing company
  • All the opportunities for growth in responsibilities and tasks
  • A professional, young and social team
  • A beautiful location in The Hague next to the station of Laan van NOI, where you’re part of the The Hague Tech start-up community
  • A network of health care innovators
  • Good working conditions which can be shaped in line with your own needs

Feel like this is the job for you? Don’t hesitate and send your CV and motivation  to Edwin de Wit (edwin.dewit@ivido.nl) and you may be part of our team soon!